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Brian Littrell Daily
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Welcome to the Brian Littrell Daily Picture Community!

The rules here are pretty simple:

1) No flaming. If you can't play nice, then don't play.

2) No hotlinking.

3) Have fun! Posting pictures is not limited to the maintainer(s).

4) PLEASE, feel free to pimp the community to your heart's content!

5a) All posts must contain a picture. (Icons are fine. Any more than 3, and the rest should go behind a cut. Fake cuts are fine as well)

5b) Post ONLY pictures. Not news, MP3 files, requests, etc. (unless it's to request a picture)

6) Cut tags are your friend. Please use them on posts with large pictures or posts with more than 3 thumbnails / more than one unthumbed picture. (Some of us are on dial up still and would appreciate this muchly.) Mods will ask the poster to correct this if needed.

7) The maintainer(s) reserve the right to edit/add to these rules at any time they see necessary

Use these in your user info, etc. (please upload to your own server)
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

(if you would like to be listed as an affiliate, please contact the maintainer.)


Your maintainers are:
Den - raynedanser @ livejournal . com
ckanerock @ livejournal.com
plastiqueallure @ livejournal.com